Real Effect and Free Will

Posted By on June 24, 2014

A response I have written to my own essay of several years ago, Euclid, Extra-Terrestrial Style.

This essay describes the phenomenon of Real Effect.

What Real Effect is, is a description of the drama of the human soul on the stage of the temporal world.  Two opposing goals, everything else is just props.

Real Effect only be apprehended (according to all the religious traditions I know of) through a change in our own consciousness, through personal purification and surrender/relationship to God, who somehow set the whole thing up and waits to see what we will do, and hides the stage so that we make our choices according to the quality of our will and consciousness.  Like C.S. Lewis’s “Til We Have Faces”.

So one side of Real Effect is that which we cannot have any understanding of Real Effect, and the other side is that position where we come to understand all of it.  The side where we come to understand all of it is (understood) to be our real destined position in eternity, as, quoting C.S. Lewis again, “All answers through the lens of time deceive.”

But because there is this world and we are going either one direction or the other, we have just as much opportunity to go the opposite direction—but again the Real Effect, while being an absolute movement (you can never be moving in two directions on that spectrum), is not dependent on time, form, or matter…. per say.  There are natural laws (for example an acorn will always have an oak tree as its final cause), and while on the stage we are bound by them and our field of activities is within them, they do not DIRECTLY reference movement on the spectrum.

Since the essay linked above is a treatise by extra-terrestrials who do not have access to any position on the spectrum, these impersonal observers from outside of the drama see that which direction human beings go (from an impersonal standpoint) is unimportant, because they can, truthfully and absolutely, end up at the extreme of either direction.

However, here we ourselves observe a crucial difference between the various religious traditions in their attempt to explain this reality.  In the metaphysics of many eastern religions, for example, is the idea that, through reincarnation and samsara (the cycle of birth and death), the soul is part and parcel of God Himself and ultimately all separation from its own eternal nature is temporary and illusory.

If the human being is made exclusively to end up inevitably at one end of the spectrum of Real Effect, with no LASTING (ie, outside of time and space) option to end up at the other end, then Real Effect is itself an illusion dependent on time.

So, next question.  The extra-terrestrials haven’t gotten to this one yet.

Free will means the human being has the choice of his end.  In some philosophies, this free will is absolute.  In other philosophies, it exists only in time, because ultimately the human spirit cannot escape its true nature of being eternal and made of the stuff of God.

Is free will absolute, or temporal?

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