Euclid, Extraterrestrial Style

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This is the final project I did for my Ethnomathematics class a year ago last summer. It begins the discussion from an impersonal level, based on Euclidean-style axioms.


My dear readers, I am sure you have heard of Earth. It is a planet like many others, but some qualities are different, and my modest presentation to you here is an attempt at a description for you, in all my hopes helpful, for the increase of your understanding. Many of you are puzzled by Earth and the customs and habits of its inhabitants.

These customs and habits can be broken down and interpreted fairly well with the information I am about to present. I will give you an example that you can all relate to: how the inhabitants of Earth imagine the residents of other planets. In some societies on Earth now, this imagining is done primarily via two literary functions, science fiction and fantasy, that are not fully discerned by the inhabitants as being a thing of importance. While in actuality they often have little to do with you, dear readers, they remain important tools for providing integration and releasing and interpreting many of the effects I am about to discuss. Before the time of these modern functions, many thousands of myths, legends, the names of planets, stars, gods, and spirits, all interacted in this world to provide focused loci to the activities of the human being on Earth, making these activities more or less effective to the human being’s goals.

As emissary for Earth, my own knowledge of you, my dear readers, is quite limited. Most of the beings and races inhabiting other planets are more aware of those of us of Earth than we are of them. We send them little presents of metal garbage and recordings of Bach, with no idea of their intentions, knowledge, or nature. Are they alien, unfathomable? Are they like us here? Have they crossed onto our planet, in and out of various lifetimes, learning? Despite the necessary limitations of my experience, I have heard from hundreds of these beings and I shall humbly put forth that their understanding is certainly more complete than mine, but for the benefit of the star seeds and for the races of those planets unfamiliar with this type of world I will elucidate my understanding—with no allegiance paid to the bribes or manipulations of the societies who may like to take ownership of Earth—of the rules at play on Earth. This may require some explanation and so I will do my best. My discussion is of the world of Earth and of the activities of its primary inhabitant, human beings.

Firstly, as in all material worlds:

  1. The processes of this world are based on an underlying logic that can be observed, understood, and manipulated.

Like a ball of clay you can mold it, and use it for different things, but it remains that—clay. By this analogy, I am saying:

  1. This world is not very real, but its effect on the living entities is real.

‘Living entities’ is hereto used modestly that I may not presuppose on the ultimate nature of they that live on this planet, human beings and their societies. Human is our name for them, but in truth their essence is better described as living entity, not because they do not possess more refined and expanded versions of this life than do the animals, but to place them in solidarity with other living entities both of their planet and those of others.

Now I shall explain:

  1. Real effect (on the living entities) and manipulation of the world are two inherently different things, and whether or not they coincide is a variable that operates through another agency.

I should clarify that real effects on the living entities do not have to do with material circumstances, with birth or death, or with the concrete realities of the material world. Real effects are subtle, and not measurable by the same instruments by which we measure the logical rules of the world. Indeed the agency which controls and measures Real Effect (hereafter so labeled) is beyond this world entirely and so I shall hint at it only, and describe labels given vaguely to it in various human cultures. Though the understandings may be different, some labels that may be used are: Soul, Spirit, Divinity, Higher Self, Antaranga-Shakti, there are other names but I do not know them. On many of your planets, the scientific qualities of the universe and the unnameable Qualities and Person that created it are easily seen and known. This is not so on Earth but we have, just the same, Real Effect upon and through this agency that is inherent in the makeup of the living entities. How is this Real Effect achieved, if not through the actions, fruits, or circumstances of the world?

I will begin with this axiom:

  1. In any moment there are only two choices for the living entities, each of which result in two opposing Real Effects.

This means that, whatever the material circumstances, a living entity can choose his association, and this association will be entirely different even within the same material circumstances at different moments and in the subjective experience of different living entities. I do not use the word ‘time’ because the agency of Real Effect does not operate in time or space. I am not speaking of a choice between material objects—the red, or the blue—but in the moment of the red—do I take this, and what is my association with it? The moment following of the blue—again the same question, or choice, is presented. Of course these two choices are experienced within such a complex fractal framework on so many levels that it is difficult to reduce them to two alone, but they can always, and without fail, be reduced to this ratio, because of the intersecting ‘plane’ of the other agency.

In regards to this observation, I present to you another:

  1. Actions or manipulations in the material world are based on perception (also called awareness), but perception is not reality, and can be changed.

Because of the changing of perception of the living entities, the intersection of the material world and of the agency of Real Effect occurs at points on every scale within every iteration. This is why the ratio can always be reduced to two. The living entities may change their perception based on how many choices they make of each type, but each new perspective is a fresh interaction on several scales. I hesitate to delineate a human example here in this brief presentation, but I shall mention one for clarification of a way in which the living entities of Earth experience this. I once viewed a film production of Earth which concerned the passage of a young girl from the mortal, surface world, to her underground kingdom, where she was a princess. She took on several activities which she did not know the real nature of, but they were designed to see if she had “become mortal” in her time on Earth. Her answers to the puzzles were not given to her, and they turned out all to be correct, although one of them got her killed—to the tragedy of those around her on Earth, embroiled in quite a different, war-torn world. Though she died, she regained her kingdom, and was brought home to a joyous reception. This is a metaphoric Earth illustration (through the agency of the aforementioned fantasy function) of the omnipresent phenomenon of Real Effect. On Earth we may crudely describe it thus: one may suffer or die in material circumstances and yet enjoy a Real Effect of liberation and home-coming, or one may be quite well off and lucky in material circumstances and yet be experiencing a Real Effect of despair and alienation.

Now, because of this property of perception (by this term I include related forces that run more deeply in the living entity than conscious thought), many of the teachers of the ways of Earth have encouraged activities such as open-mindedness, non-judgment, and certain scientific tools and experiences designed to alter the perception of the living entity. This property of relativity is very important to keep in mind when measuring Real Effect.

This can be stated as follows:

  1. Material form and Real Effect can be associated, but only on the level of relativity.

Of course, I don’t need to explain why Real Effect is so important, as most of my audience understands this already, I am sure. I now dare to make an unpopular, some may even say unscientific, statement in my next axiom.

  1. Real Effect is more important to the living entities than are the material circumstances.

I must qualify this statement by indicating that many living entities, particularly human beings on Earth, do not think this is the case. They are not necessarily aware of it, but the long-term scaling patterns of their behavior indicate that they seek after Real Effect by their material means, and will more readily abandon their material circumstances than the Real Effect they seek. I remind my audience that by Real Effect I am not speaking of one side of the coin or the other, but of both. If the two choices in each moment can be represented by 1 or -1, than Real Effect is a variable that can equal either. If we may visualize this linearly—keeping in mind that its true nature is nonlinear and largely irrational—we can assign a value of Real Effect on a living entity. It may be 3, or -6. Material circumstances are also variables and can have Real values of 1, 0, or -1. The values of material circumstances are in constant flux depending on the subjective living entity and circumstances. The values can as well be on a larger scale, of course, with greater or lesser values of Real Effect. Self-similarity in scaling patterns is powerfully evident on all levels on Earth. We see the same patterns on the personal, day-to-day interaction of a living entity as we do in the centuries of an Earthly empire’s rise and fall.

Remember, then, that while Earth is a planet afflicted with mass ignorance of Real Effect, it is the most important variable within that world. Paradox? Perhaps so. Why was a world made this way? I do not pretend to have that answer. What are the living entities seeking?

  1. The living entities are, in any given moment, always seeking one of two Real Effects.

I might describe these two Real Effects with a series of binary pairs drawn from Earth philosophies: salvation vs damnation, liberation vs entanglement, life according to the constitutional position vs illusory life, happiness vs misery. These are Earth terms and, as with any material variable, do not necessarily contain the same Real associations all the time. Opinions vary widely on what constitutes a living entity’s movement towards one or the other, but I reiterate my point here: this is relative and variable. I expand upon this:

  1. While the mode of movement towards one Real Effect or the other is relative and variable, it is TRUE.

More succintly stated, whatever its method, Real Effect is real.

I have made this presentation for informational purposes, without regard to the motives or wishes of my audience members. The actions of Earth have had a quality of absurdity that, with time, attention, and training in awareness, can perhaps be transformed. I assume this is the wish of many of my readers. However, there are other planets traveling along the plane of Real Effect on what I have called the -1 value, and, as I stated in my introduction, I make no allegience to such motives. I may now state my allegience as being in the opposite direction, to a greater or lesser extent. But in explanation of why I have nevertheless been so moved to present this free information, I present my last axiom:

  1. Any living entity can, by the force of the agency of Real Effect alone, be moved along the Real Effect spectrum any amount, in either direction, at any moment.

So, my friends, there are no limits to what is Real, because what is Real contains all circumstances, all variables, changing them like a set of clothes. Your surrender to the agency of Real Effect is the step that opens all possibilities. Thank you for your time, and please have a wonderful day.

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