A Visit From Thea, and Recent Projects

Posted By on October 30, 2016

My old friend and fellow author Thea Van Diepen, of Expected Aberrations, emerged from the frozen wastes of Canada on a world tour, and along her way, she stopped by to visit me in Texas! She recounts our many adventures very nicely on her blog, here.

I think I spent most of the weekend teasing her about living in an igloo. She’s a good sport, though, and she forgave me.

The novel that I began last year, 2015, for NaNoWriMo, I did finish, at the end of January this year. A science fiction titled “Life Thief”, It topped out at 95,322 words, and, for a first draft, accomplished everything I could ever have hoped that it would accomplish. Earlier this year I pecked away at editing it, but made little progress as my summer became thoroughly distracted by old friends, new friends involved in medieval re-enactment, and learning to dance (not very well), sew, help a man-at-arms dress for battle, and appreciate a ton of history.




Yes, I made my own dresses. It was magical.

Anyway. Distractions aside.




The novel. I still plan to finish editing it, despite it being an odd conglomeration of dinosaurs, monks, and apocalyptic societies. In the meantime, while writing it I threw together a cover art, which I include to the right here. I actually did get a “published” copy of the book made with a free coupon from FastPencil included as a prize for winning NaNoWriMo.

Life Thief

The supercomputers have been destroyed, but their living creations still terrorize society. Can the goals of human life be brought together, in defiance of the schemes of unliving intelligence?

Since it was a free coupon, it was far cheaper than printing out hundreds of pages at FedEx, which is what I would have had to do otherwise to give the thing a serious read through for editing. I’m using Holly Lisle’s course again. I never actually finished the course on ye olde novel of 2010, The Ransom of Dharluth, which I began it on back when I bought it, but I am pleased to report, that as with other ye olde novel that actually got a completed first draft, of 2011, my first draft writing has dramatically improved with the things I learned from that course.

I’ve had more people read this book, and share it, than any of my previous novels. A fellow author and I, who were pursuing similar goals in our writing, did a “beta read” swap. She gave me some great feedback on my first draft, and I reviewed her book for her.

Finishing a real edit on Life Thief is on my bucket list. But there’s so many other things on that list that have a higher priority, that I simply cannot provide a timeframe as to when this will occur…



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